ATR has stepped up its 2008 delivery forecast from 60 to 64 aircraft and is looking to deliver 70 aircraft in 2009.

Earlier this year ATR chief Filippo Bagnato said he was aiming to deliver 44 aircraft in 2007 and 60 in 2008. The manufacturer has been steadily increasing its annual delivery numbers, which totalled 24 in 2006 and 15 in 2005.

Speaking during a recent media briefing, Bagnato said that ATR is aiming to deliver a minimum of 70 aircraft in 2009. He also increased ATR's 2008 delivery forecast from 60 to 64 and reiterated the 44-strong target for 2007.

ATR sold 63 new aircraft in the first half of 2007, equalling its full-year total for 2006, and its backlog stands at 170 aircraft.

Source: Flight International