The Austrian air force has provided details of a landing incident during which one of its Eurofighter Typhoons sustained minor damage.

The mishap occurred on 14 April, when the pilot of the single-seat interceptor was attempting to land on the wet runway at Zeltweg air base.

Despite deploying the aircraft’s braking parachute, the pilot also had to use the arrestor cable at the end of the runway after extending the Typhoons’ arrestor hook. “As a consequence, the hook caused light damage to the bottom of the aircraft and the engine,” the air force confirms. The aircraft uses two Eurojet EJ200 turbofans.

Austria received its first Typhoons in July 2007, began air-policing tasks with the type in mid-2008, and received its last of 15 single-seat examples last year from Eurofighter partner company EADS under a controversial deal worth more than €1.6 billion ($2.1 billion).

 Eurofighter Zeltweg - BMLV
© Wolfgang Grebien/BMLV
The Austrian air force has flown its Eurofighters since 2007

The Typhoons are flown by the air force’s 1st Fighter Wing from Zeltweg.