Gulfstream is to certificate Safe Flight Instrument's Enhanced AutoPower automatic throttle in the G200 super mid-size business jet. A 10-25h flight-test programme will begin early next year, and supplemental type certification is expected by the end of the second quarter, after which the airspeed management system will be available for purchase by G200 owners.

Auto-throttle will improve fuel efficiency and reduce pilot workload, says Gulfstream. The system will provide continuous thrust management during cruise, descent, approach and landing. A computer, two status displays and modified throttle quadrant are included.

TAG Aviation, meanwhile, will lease two G200s for charter operations in Europe and the Middle East. The aircraft will enter service in December and will be used by Gulfstream for demonstrations.

Gulfstream is studying whether the mid-size G100 can continue to be produced alongside the larger-fuselage G150, set to replace the G100 in 2006, at Israel Aircraft Industries, which also produces the G200. "Some large fleet customers have asked whether we can build both," says Gulfstream.

Source: Flight International