Russian powerplant specialist Aviadvigatel is to develop a new turbofan with the aim of marketing it for the proposed United Aircraft MS-21.

Aviadvigatel, which is affiliated with engine manufacturer Perm Motors, envisages several versions of the powerplant, designated PS-14, in the 27,500-34,500lb thrust range (122-153kN).

The company says its conceptual definition stems from research and development work on the PS-12 technology demonstrator that features a classic two-shaft high-bypass architecture.

The PS-14 will inherit gas-generator design from the PS-12, including the eight-stage high-pressure compressor and two-stage high-pressure turbine.

But its low-pressure section will have four, rather than two, stages and the fan diameter will be increased from 1.78m (70in) to 1.97m.

The project team claims the new engine will deliver a 10-11% reduction in fuel burn compared with the CFM International CFM56 and International Aero Engines V2500.

Aviadvigatel indicates that the PS-14 will be able to power not only the three-member MS-21 family, but also derivatives of the Tupolev Tu-204, a modernised Ilyushin Il-76 freighter, and the prospective Russian-Indian MTA multirole military transport.

Source: Flight International