Raytheon has ditched the Beechjet 400A brand, renaming its light jet the Hawker 400XP. The move is part of Raytheon's strategy of strengthening its business aircraft range and re-establishing the "brand values" of its Hawker and Beechcraft lines.

Raytheon says it plans upgrades to its entire business aircraft range and the Hawker Horizon could also be renamed.

The Hawker 400XP offers as standard much equipment previously available on the 400A as an option, says Brad Hatt, president of the Hawker division. These include thrust reversers, vapour-cycle air conditioning, Traffic Alert and Collision and Avoidance System II, an electronic locator transmitter, a 90kg (200lb) increase in payload to accommodate a ninth passenger and an expanded five-year warranty. US certification was received in late April and European approval is expected shortly, says Hatt.

Source: Flight International