Bombardier Learjet 60 XR


A special ceremony in July 2007 at Bombardier’s Wichita factory marked the entry into service of the latest in Learjet 60 family – the Learjet 60 XR.

The new features include a state-of-the-art Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite with four LCD screens as well
as all the latest in weather radar, and flight management well as a redesigned interior focused on maximising comfort and functionality in the aircraft’s stand-up cabin.

Retaining the original Learjet 60 aircraft’s stand-up cabin, the totally redesigned interior features five available
floorplans, a larger galley, a brighter and more spacious lavatory, a new cabin management system with three-inch (7.6-cm) LCD control modules and ports for laptops, MP3 players and other audio/video equipment. In addition, LED lighting is featured throughout the cabin.The list price of a typically equipped Learjet 60 XR business jet is approximately $13.3 million U.S.

Powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW305A turbofan engines the aircraft boasts outstanding climb capabilities. It is
certified to 51,000 ft (15,545 m) and with a high cruise speed of Mach 0.81 (863 km/h), the Learjet 60 XR is one of the fastest aircraft in its category.
The original  Learjet 60 first flew in June 1991 with two crew and eight passengers. The new XR also features a new
upgraded interior which has allows for two crew and nine passengers. With four passengers the aircraft has a range of 2,451nm (4,539km).

The Learjet 60 entered service in 1993 as a replacement for the Model 55, introduced 12 years earlier as the first Learjet type with a stand up cabin and a full-size lavatory. Bombardier delivered 300 Learjet 60s before upgrading to the Learjet 60SE which included previous optional extras as standard. The SE is now superceded by the new Learjet 60XR. First flight of the Learjet 60XR jet occurred in April 2006. Bombardier deployed one aircraft for the 94-hour-flight test program at Rockwell Collins facilities in Cedar Rapids. It was given FAA production approval in October 2006.

At only one foot longer than the Learjet 45, judging by length will not help. However the Learjet 60 is much wider. Look for six windows and the two-angle sweep of the wing.

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Learjet 60 cutaway

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  •     Aircraft Data for the Bombardier Learjet 60 XR

  • Principal Dimensions
    Overall length: 17.89 m
    Height: 4.44 m
    Cabin Height: 1.74 m
    Cabin width: 1.81 m
    Wingspan: 13.35 m
    Maximum takeoff weight: 10,659 kg
    Maximum landing weight 8,845 kg
    Max cruise: 863 km/h
    Max range: 4,380 km
    Typical passenger capacity: 2+7
    Maximum passenger capacity: 2+9
    Max Ceiling: 51,000 ft
    Powerplant: 2xP&WC PW305A

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