The Botswana Government has started an international search for airline executive Brian Pocock after issuing a warrant for his arrest, alleging an offence of corruption during the period when he was general manager of national airline Air Botswana.

The warrant was issued following, a two year investigation into Air Botswana, by the country's Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC). Pocock, formerly with Air Malawi, ran Government-owned Air Botswana between 1989 and 1994. The warrant relates to an alleged violation of the law forbidding public-sector officials from receiving gifts or other considerations.

Pocock is well known, in Africa and the Caribbean. His most recent posting was that of chief executive of Carib Express. The short-lived carrier, in which British Airways had a major stake, went under earlier this year after being set up in 1995 to run regional services from Barbados.

The UK national was also involved with Virgin Atlantic in a liaison role in negotiations for a possible deal under which Virgin might take a stake in BWIA International Airways of Trinidad & Tobago. Those talks continue.

Pocock's whereabouts are uncertain. In an appeal for information, Botswana's DCEC says that he is believed to be in either the UK or South Africa.

Source: Flight International