Journal: Flight International Section: Features
Title: fea- notes Issue Date: 03/07/01
Author: Graeme Osborn Page Number: 42
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Business aircraft accidents 2000Individual corporate and privately owned jet-powered and turboprop aircraft accident details have been supplied by Airclaims from its World Aircraft Accident Summary (WAAS)*, which it compiles and publishes on behalf of the UK Civil Aviation Authority. The WAAS provides analysis by category under aircraft type, event, location and operator. Airclaims also has an exclusive information-exchange agreement with the CIS Interstate Aviation Committee's Commission for Flight Safety.

Additional information is from Flight International's own sources. Although we make every effort to ensure accuracy, users should not employ the information for legal purposes or for precise statistical analysis. The availability of data is prejudiced by the fact that some companies in remote regions do not fully insure aircraft and therefore do not report incidents resulting in damage. The criterion for listing an accident or incident is that it involves fatality or serious injury to those on board or significant damage to the aircraft.

n Airclaims, Cardinal Point, Newall Road, Heathrow Airport, London TW6 2AS, UK; tel: +44 (208) 897 1066, fax: +44 (208) 897 0300.

Source: Flight International