The Boeing VC-25, also known as Air Force One when the US president is on board, is more than a 747-based VIP aircraft. It is an international icon and the world's ultimate symbol of power.

 FIN P37 Air-force-one
 Air Force One

The Phenom series has firmly established Embraer as a manufacturer of dedicated business jets, providing the platform for the Brazilian company to launch the 450/500 Legacy series.

FIN P37 Phenom-100-SA 
 Embraber Phenom

Others may be seeking to go faster, but the Citation X still holds the speed title. Powered by two Rolls-Royce AE 3007C1 engines, the Cessna Citation X is the fastest jet inthe business.

 FIN P37 citationXlarge
Cessna Citation X

It may be too early to judge the latest Falcon, but its impact on the industry is already clear. By introducing fly-by-wire controls, it ushers in the next major technology for business jets.

 37 Falcon-7X
 Dassault Falcon 7X

If the Gulfstream I moved Grumman Aerospace into the business aviation market, the Gulfstream II was the first jet, and established the company's manufacturing plant in Savannah, Georgia.

 Gulfstream II

In an often conservative industry, few business aircraft celebrate style like the P180 Avanti II. With pusher engines, a canard-like stabiliser and aft-mounted main wing, the Avanti is easily recognisable.

  P37 Avanti
 Piaggio P180 Avanti II

Often credited as the original very light jet, the commercial version of the French military trainer helped inspire a new industry for personal jet travel half a century after making its own first flight.

  P37 MS760 3
 Morane-Saulnier Paris

Unveiled in 1937, the Model 18 was among the first aircraft designed to transport business executives and the most important business aircraft in its era, ceasing production 32 years later.

 Beech Model 18 Twin Beech

Source: Flight International