US business and general aviation trade associations have called on the Transportation Security Administration to halt its plans to impose airline-like security on general aviation and form a rulemaking committee that would allow the TSA to work directly with industry to identify effective, less burdensome security enhancements. The TSA's proposed Large Aircraft Security Program would require anyone who operates an aircraft with a maximum weight exceeding 5,600kg (12,500lb) to, among other things, perform criminal background checks on all flightcrew members, vet all passengers, including family members, against terrorist watchlists.


NetJets Europe has signed an agreement to acquire Egelsbach airport, near Frankfurt in Germany. The move is the fractional ownership provider's first foray into airport acquisition and forms part of its strategy to widen it share of the German market, where it has already begun to strengthen its sales team. Egelsbach is essential for NetJets in helping to improve access to the German banking capital, as well as the economically important Rhein/Main region, which is "under represented" in the NetJets network compared with other German bases, says NetJets.


Embraer subsidiary ECC Leasing has sold a second ERJ-145 regional jet to Brazil's federal police department. The 50-seat pre-owned aircraft is scheduled for delivery in the first half of the year - three years after the Brazilian police took delivery of the first type. The aircraft will be used for a range of missions, says Embraer, including the transport of officials, and border control missions to combat drug trafficking and terrorism.



Source: Flight International