Canadian maintenance repair and overhaul company Flying Colours has completed its first Ka-band installation on a Gulfstream GV.

The work, part of a major refurbishment of the cabin interior, and revamp of the fuselage exterior, was completed in July at the company’s headquarters in Peterborough, Ontario.

Installation by Flying Colours' avionics team required the mounting of the radome, tail antenna and cabin hardware to bring what it calls “powerful connectivity” to the cabin and flightdeck of the large-cabin business jet.

The service, supplied through the Honeywell JetWave system, is powered by Inmarsat’s Global Xpress satellite constellation to deliver ultra-high-speed broadband connectivity to the aircraft, says Flying Colours. "Web-surfing, voice calls and texting, the use of messaging apps, email exchange, gaming, streaming television and video services are now available throughout the cabin," it adds.

Onboard hardware serves data via the wi-fi system to multiple personal devices carried on board, as well as the aircraft’s own cabin management and inflight entertainment systems which were also upgraded as part of the major refurbishment project.

Existing controls, screens and operating systems were also replaced with the Rockwell Collins Venue cabin management system, says Flying Colours. This system features “high-clarity touchscreen displays, intuitive controls and seamless integration” into the aircraft’s furniture.

Kevin Kliethermes, director of sales for Flying Colours says passengers increasingly want to “replicate their terrestrial digital lifestyle, entertainment and communication options” in the air. “Ka-band, more sophisticated CMS and a growing array of satellite services make this possible,” he notes.

Flying Colours anticipates “many more” similar installations across a range of airframes over the next twelve months, Kliethermes adds.

Source: Flight International