Cessna was expected to begin flight testing the Citation CJ3 light business jet last week. The CJ3 is a further stretch of the entry-level CitationJet and joins the CJ1 and CJ2. Certification and first deliveries are scheduled for 2004.

The CJ3 will be certificated under an exemption to the US Part 23 commuter category, because it weighs over 5,670kg (12,500lb). This allows Cessna to certificate the aircraft under rules similar to those applied the smaller CJ1 and CJ2, including the ability to gain single-pilot approval. The CitationJet market is predominantly owner-flown.

In addition to a longer cabin, extended wing and larger tail, the CJ3 has uprated Williams International FJ44-3A turbofans and expanded Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics compared with the CJ1 and CJ2. One prototype and two pre-series aircraft will be used in the certification flight-test programme.

Source: Flight International