'Next logical programme' in intermediate range will fly faster and longer than CJ3

Cessna's newly launched Citation CJ4, a larger-cabin, longer-range version of the CitationJet, will make its first flight early in 2008 and be certificated by the end of 2009 for service entry early in 2010. The company unveiled the $8 million light jet at October's National Business Aviation Association convention in Orlando, Florida with 70 orders already in hand, and more were included among the 115 Citations for which Cessna booked orders at the show.

Seating up to eight, the CJ4's cabin is 0.5m (1.6ft) longer than the Citation CJ3's, at 5.3m, and has the wider entry door developed for the Mustang and the same baggage capacity as the CJ3. "It's the next logical programme in the intermediate size, and the cockpit and cabin are of a completely new design," says sales and marketing senior vice-president Roger Whyte.

The aircraft has an all-new wing, moderately swept to increase cruise speed to 435kt (805km/h), 20kt faster than the CJ3. The wing has a similar triple spoiler/speedbrake design to that of the Citation Sovereign, and the CJ4 is expected to have a take-off balanced field length of 1,000m and a landing distance of 810m.

Range is expected to be up to 3,380km (1,825nm) with NBAA IFR reserves, while the uprated 3,400lb-thrust (15.1kN) Williams FJ44-4A turbofans should allow the CJ4 to climb direct to 43,000ft in 28min, en route to a maximum altitude of 45,000ft. The CJ4 is the first CitationJet with single-point refuelling. Maximum-fuel payload will be 455kg, while the maximum payload of 955kg is 136kg more than the average CJ3 load.

The cockpit has an expanded Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite with four 8 x 10in (200 x 250mm) flat-panel displays, engine indication and crew alerting system and full diagnostics. It also has electrically heated windshields and an electrical bus architecture with multiple power sources to provide higher reliability and continued power for all four displays and autopilot in the event of an electrical emergency.

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Cessna already has 70 orders in hand for its new $8 million Citation CJ4, which will make its first flight in 2008

Source: Flight International