Bombardier has introduced an auxiliary power unit (APU) retrofit programme for the Challenger 601 and 604. The Honeywell GTCP36-150 APU, already standard in new-production Challenger 604s and the next-generation Challenger 605, offers longer life, higher reliability and lower maintenance.

Compared with the original GTCP-100, hot-section inspection interval is increased from 400h to 500h, and the new APU provides higher operational limits on in-flight starting, bleed-air extraction and generator use. Two field-evaluation installations were completed late last year on the 601 and 604, and the retrofit is available at Bombardier’s nine factory and 16 authorised service centres.

Challenger 604
© Bombardier 

The APU is already standard in new Challenger 604s

Landmark Aviation has opened a remodelled terminal and expanded ramp at its Los Angeles International (LAX) airport service centre, which is authorised to maintain Bombardier Learjet, Challenger and Global business jets as well as Dassault and Raytheon aircraft. Landmark LAX also provides turbine engine and APU repair and overhaul in support of business aircraft.

Source: Flight International