For the first time, Flight International has attempted to encompass, in a single directory, the range of commercial-avionics products available worldwide, whether to the builder of a kitplane or to the buyer of an airliner fleet. This directory combines previously separate issues covering general-aviation and regional-airliner avionics and air-transport avionics. For convenience, the products manufactured by the almost 60 companies listed have been divided into three broad categories. General aviation lists avionics for private aircraft and light, generally piston-powered, business aircraft. Business and commuter lists avionics for turbine-powered business aircraft and regional airliners of up to 70 seats. Air transport lists avionics for larger airliners. The sections are intended only as guidelines, as there is inevitably some crossover between categories. The listing is as complete as possible in the space available. For additional information on the products listed, please contact the relevant manufacturers: addresses and telephone numbers are listed on page 40. Abbreviations are used extensively to save space and a list of those used is on this page.

Source: Flight International