Cobham has been selected to provide the weapons carriage and release equipment for South Korea's developmental KF-X fighter aircraft.

Cobham missile systems will delivery an unspecified number of the launcher units by 2020, says the company in a brief statement. Cobham says the deal is worth in excess of £7 million ($9 million).

“Cobham’s [Missile Eject Launcher] is an established market leader and continues to deliver consistently high performance and reliable service,” says Ken Kota, general manager of Cobham Mission Systems.

“It is a highly robust, long stroke ejection system that allows the interchangeable carriage and release of either Meteor or AMRAAM air-to-air missiles without role change.”

Seoul launched its KF-X programme in 2015, and plans to manufacture more than 120 fighters to replace its ageing McDonnell Douglas F-4s and Northrop F-5s.

Several key systems have been identified. The aircraft will be powered by two General Electric F414 engines, and Elta Systems will develop an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar for the aircraft.

Indonesian is a partner on the project, and stands to obtain up to 80 IF-X fighters, which will be based on the KF-X.