The Global 5000 programme will go ahead on the back of 15 letters of intent, according to Bombardier. The Canadian manufacturer says two years of market research confirm strong demand for its ultra-large jet.

Launching the intercontinental business jet in Montreal earlier in February, Bombardier Business Aircraft president Peter Edwards said first flight was scheduled for first quarter 2003. Certification is due in first quarter 2004 with the aircraft entering corporate service in late 2004.

With a range of 4,800nm (8,889km) the Global 5000 will offer European customers non-stop access to central North America. This, for example links Paris-Chicago, New York-Cairo or London-Dallas.

Bombardier believes that by 2010 the market for super-large jets will reach some 750 aircraft. A typically-equipped aircraft will be "competitively priced" at $33 million, says Edwards.

"In designing the Bombardier Global 5000, Bombardier's 12th aircraft in 12 years, our goal is to continue developing products that address new market needs.


"We listen to the market and provide customers with aircraft that offer the latest technological developments at a competitive price. The positive market reaction we have witnessed to date for the Global 5000 indicates we are right on track," says Edwards.

A derivative of the Global Express Ð on static display here at the show Ð the Global 5000 has what Bombardier claims is a best-in-class takeoff distance of 5,000ft (1,542m). At almost 1,000ft less than the Gulfstream 200, that takeoff distance would give operators of the Global 5000 greater options on destination airports.

"The Global Express platform has many advantages, particularly for operators of mixed fleets," Edwards says. "Operators purchasing both the Bombardier Global Express and the Global 5000 will, for the first time, be able to realise the significant benefits and cost effectiveness derived from fleet and systems commonality."

The aircraft will reach a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.88 (934km/h) and maximum altitude of 51,000ft (15,545m). At Mach 0.85 it will achieve a range of 4,800nm (8,889km).

The Global 5000 cabin which Bombardier claims is the widest in its class at 8ft 2in (2.48m) will be designed for eight passengers with three crew.

Source: Flight Daily News