Spain’s National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA) will perform ground-based testing of the propulsion system for the Airbus Defence & Space-led Eurodrone unmanned air vehicle (UAV).

Airbus will deliver an integrated engine, nacelle and engine mounting system from its Tablada facility near Seville to INTA’s Torrejon de Ardoz site near Madrid, for installation on a test bench.

Announcing the development on 9 November, Airbus says the test activity will be “key to assess the behaviour of the integrated propulsion module”, and enable its “correct integration and maturity level” for use with the medium-altitude, long-endurance UAV. 

Eurodrone Paris 2023

Source: Gilles Rolle/SIAE

Twin-turboprop-powered Eurodrone is in development for France, Germany, Italy and Spain

“This is the first step towards the future Eurodrone’s ground and flight test campaigns,” Airbus notes.

Being developed under a joint programme between France, Germany, Italy and Spain, the Eurodrone will be powered by twin Avio Aero/GE Aviation Catalyst turboprop engines.

The nations formally launched the programme’s development and production phase in February 2022, via a contract signed on their behalf by Europe’s OCCAR defence procurement agency. Their requirement spans a total of 20 Eurodrone systems, each with three air vehicles and supporting equipment.