BOC Aviation has disclosed that deliveries of six aircraft originally scheduled for this year have been postponed to 2019 as a result of manufacturing delays.

In a statement on third-quarter activity, the Singapore-based lessor notes that, with the postponements, it will take delivery of 52 aircraft over the full course of 2018.

BOC Aviation signed 35 lease commitments during the third quarter. The lessor took delivery of nine aircraft – including one acquired by an airline customer on delivery, via exercise of a purchase option – and sold nine owned and three managed jets.

In its statement, the lessor notes that "certain airline customers have notified us of their intention to acquire on delivery a total of 13 of our aircraft on order", and that these comprise five Airbus A320neo-family aircraft, two A330neos and six Boeing 787s. Four of the 13 aircraft are scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter.

BOC Aviation owns 294 aircraft, manages 26 and has a total of 179 jets on order from Airbus and Boeing. The owned aircraft has an average age of 3.1 years and an average remaining lease term of 8.2 years, weighted by net book value.

This article has been updated to clarify that the nine aircraft delivered to the lessor included one that was then acquired by a customer; an earlier version suggested that a jet additional to the nine had been acquired from a customer

Source: Cirium Dashboard