Boeing's philosophy in this new cockpit might fairly be called "need-to-show". For example: a simple combined flap display on the EICAS is removed 10s after the flaps have been raised; an expanded display is shown only in abnormal situations. The red gear-in-transit light is replaced by a hashed rectangle, and the gear indication is cleared after a normal retraction.

Displays of systems on the multi-function display (MFD) are more detailed than on the 747-400, more like the diagrams in the manuals. Reliance on these displays in drills is discouraged; they are advisory. The MFD includes a data-communications interactive display - for company messages now and air-traffic-control data in the future. An electronic checklist will be finalised at the end of the year. Meanwhile, a neat slot under the mode-control panel houses the regular check card. Interactive multi-function-display selections are made on small touch-screens: there is a wrist-rest ramped up 30¡ at its back edge.

Source: Flight International