Passenger communications provider AirCell will announce here today [Sunday 11 November] that its Axxess satcoms system, which works through the Iridium satellite constellation, has been selected as standard equipment for Gulfstream’s family of large-cabin business jets.

In basic form Axxess offers two Iridium channels supporting voice and low-rate data communications. Expansion ports allow operators to add extra Iridium channels, as well as the 64kbit/sec Swift 64 and recently launched 432kbit/sec SwiftBroadband capabilities from London-based satellite operator Inmarsat.

AirCell will begin shipping hardware to Gulfstream later this year for line installations from the second quarter of next year. Axxess can also by retro-fitted through Gulfstream’s network of service centres and authorised facilities. Colorado-headquartered AirCell has now seen its equipment selected as a standard or optional fit on more than 20 business-jet programmes.

The EZ version of Axxess, developed as a replacement for the soon to be terminated terrestrial MagnaStar service in North America, has just been certificated by the European Aviation Safety Agency for installation in Bombardier’s Challenger 600, 601 and 604. The system, which is now on offer to Challenger operators, reuses the existing MagnaStar wiring and component locations, reducing installation downtime.

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Source: Flight Daily News