Modifications company GDC Technics has won its third Boeing 787 contract, an agreement that will see it develop a “very unique” first-class area for an unnamed customer.

GDC will begin work on the brand-new 787 in 2017 under a “very strict confidentiality agreement” with its customer, says the company’s general partner, Mohammed Alzeer.

“Winning our third 787 contract is a game-changer as it involves developing a new prestigious first-class cabin that integrates new cutting-edge technologies with maximum luxury found only in VVIP aircraft,” says Alzeer.

GDC has undergone a “hefty investment” programme since the Texas, USA-based company was acquired by Middle Eastern investors two years ago. It has expanded beyond Texas to Europe and the Middle East, and will soon have a facility in Africa, as part of its drive to be closer to customers.

“The weakness we had was that we were not close to customers. We want to be within a 3-4h flight of our customers,” says Alzeer. “We have been competitive pricing-wise – we have competed with industry leaders and won. Our main objective is to deliver a nice product at a very reasonable price.”

During the past six months, GDC has received its fourth aircraft for completion, a Boeing 777-300ER. Alzeer describes demand as “global” and says the company is “extremely active” in all markets.

Source: Flight Daily News