Portable in-flight entertainment (IFE) specialist e.Digital says it has received orders from three airlines for its new eVU system during its fiscal 2010 second quarter, including a US-based carrier.

Company CEO Fred Falk in a statement today explained: "We are pleased to report that our efforts, including meetings at last month's WAEA conference, have resulted in receiving orders for three airlines to date this quarter. These orders include our first from a US-based carrier."

Prior to the WAEA show e.Digital announced Polish carrier LOT and Air Seychelles as new eVU customers. The orders were obtained by e.Digital reseller Mezzo.

Falk says e.Digital is focused on completing the next-generation of its proprietary eVU platform in order to introduce the new eVU systems next year.

"Our new eVU systems will feature a wireless interface and support web browsing, text messaging, on-board product sales and streamed video and content updates," he says.

Additionally he explains the new systems will have greater processing power to support high definition video and offer more design options and enhanced graphical user interface choices while maintaining "industry leading" battery life.

Falk made those declarations as e.Digital's posted a fiscal second quarter gross profit of $936,000, which was 62% of its $1.5 million in revenue. That compares with a gross profit of $1.2 million of the year prior, which accounted for 65% of the company's revenue.

Falk says he is confident e.Digital will remain at the forefront of the portable IFE industry, and also solidify additional opportunities in its non-IFE business, which includes patented flash memory-related technology.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news