Israir Group has reached a firm agreement to lease another pair of Airbus A320s, which will give it a summer fleet of 11 aircraft.

Both will by dry-leased from a US lessor, which the carrier has not identified.

Israir Group states that it entered the agreement on 7 May.

The twinjets will be “absorbed into Israir’s fleet” and operated by the airline. As a result it will have five dry-leased aircraft, and another three which it owns.

Israir is also wet-leasing three more aircraft on a seasonal basis.

Leases for the additional pair of A320s will run for six years and will respectively commence on 30 June and 21 July.

Israir expects the aircraft to enter service for the carrier in July. Acquisition of the jets is part of the company’s strategy to “strengthen” its fleet, it adds, improve its earnings and reinforce cash-flow over the next few years.

Israir Airbus-c-Israir

Source: Israir

Israir Group will source the jets from a US lessor