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    Failed marriages: Top 10 aerospace mergers that never were


    From Textron-Bombardier to Lockheed-Northrop and EADS-BAE, we review industrial giants that might have been, had proposed or mooted unions over the past quarter century gone ahead.

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    Jet stream power delivers mixed blessing for transatlantic times


    A record New York-London run by a British Airways 747 points to climate change-induced disruption of Atlantic winds

  • Frankfurt Airport - Tower
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    Air traffic controllers seek to work around effects of climate change


    Climate change is amplifying the impact of difficult weather, and hence delays in busy airspace - but German air traffic controllers have found a way to make better use of existing forecasts to keep capacity high

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    Air traffic control ‘could slash global warming impact of contrails’


    Small changes in cruise altitude could, for some flights, dramatically reduce a major contributor to aviation-induced climate change

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    Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to a long-term reduction in aviation emissions?


    One of the fastest-growing carbon emitters has been forced to grind to a near halt by a global health crisis. Climate campaigners are hoping the aviation industry that re-emerges will be kinder to the planet

  • EasyJet A319

    Pilots’ identical error shaved A319’s take-off distance margin


    Investigators have determined that both pilots of an EasyJet Airbus A319 mistakenly selected the wrong intersection during take-off performance calculations at Nice, resulting in less runway distance being available than the crew had expected. The crew believed they had calculated take-off performance for runway 04R based on a departure ...

  • FedEx

    FedEx MD-11F loses nose-wheel on take-off


    Investigators are probing the loss of a nose-wheel from a FedEx Boeing MD-11F, apparently during departure from San Antonio. The aircraft (N619FE) had been operating the FX464 service to Memphis on 7 April. It landed on runway 18C at about 08:50 but the US FAA, in a preliminary ...

  • ALC 787-10

    Air Lease sees decrease in first-quarter deliveries


    Air Lease Corporation (ALC) delivered fewer aircraft in the first quarter versus the year-ago period, while its financing activity increased. The Los Angeles-based lessor says in a statement that it delivered eight new aircraft from January to March, comprising two Airbus A320neos, four A321neos, and two Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners. ...

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    Aerospace suppliers shift to healthcare production to help understocked hospitals


    Amid the coronavirus downturn an increasing number of aerospace manufacturers and suppliers are shifting to the production of medical products hospitals need to treat increasing numbers of seriously ill coronavirus patients.

  • Norwegian Boeing 737 Max at Edinburgh

    Norwegian shareholders to vote on crucial debt-to-equity scheme


    Scandinavian budget carrier Norwegian has called a shareholders’ meeting for 4 May to discuss plans to convert debt to equity, in order to meet criteria for the Norwegian government’s state guarantee scheme. The airline is trying to secure NKr3 billion in funding but, while it has met the requirements ...

  • Spirit AeroSystems Campus

    Spirit AeroSystems furloughs Boeing programme workers


    Spirit AeroSystems is furloughing workers in Wichita, Kansas and in Oklahoma for 21 days, a move building on its other recent staff reductions.

  • Fastjet ERJ

    Fastjet poised to renegotiate divestment of Zimbabwean division


    Fastjet Group is to hold discussions on potential amendments to the terms of its planned disposal of its Zimbabwean operation, given the financial impact of measures taken to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Investors led by Solenta Aviation Holdings had been planning to acquire the operation before the crisis, and ...

  • FedAir

    Fastjet’s FedAir division slashes fleet as safari market dries up


    Fastjet Group’s Federal Airlines division has entered a restructuring process and given up most of its aircraft after a severe downturn in its business conducting shuttle and charter services to safari reserves in southern Africa. FedAir primarily serves US and European tourists but the coronavirus situation has badly affected ...

  • TK A330 incident

    Off-centre landing damaged Turkish A330 undercarriage


    Nigerian investigators have disclosed that a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 suffered damage after travelling partially off the runway for a distance of some 400m following a landing at Port Harcourt. The aircraft (TC-LOL), arriving from Istanbul at night on 30 December last year, had been established on the localiser ...

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    European air navigation fee deferral aims to assist struggling airlines


    Up to €1.1 billion in European air navigation charge payments is being deferred under an agreement intended to assist airlines struggling under the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Pan-European air navigation organisation Eurocontrol says its members have agreed the deferral as part of a financial package to provide “liquidity ...

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    FAA proposes noise standards for new class of supersonic civilian jets


    The US Federal Aviation Administration is moving forward with an effort to establish noise certification standards for supersonic aircraft, a development intended to set the US government on a path to permitting a new class of ultra-fast jets.

  • Boeing Charleston

    Boeing shuts down South Carolina 787 site due to coronavirus


    Boeing will suspend production at its 787 facility in North Charleston, South Carolina on 8 April “until further notice” due to the spread of coronavirus.

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    EasyJet borrows from UK coronavirus fund as part of liquidity plan


    Budget carrier EasyJet has taken steps to borrow funds from the UK government’s corporate financing facility, established to assist companies during the coronavirus crisis. EasyJet chief executive Johan Lundgren says the airline’s “priority” is to “safeguard short-term liquidity”. He says the company has been successful in issuing £600 ...

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    Incorrectly-sized parts found after Icelandair 757 gear collapse


    Investigators have found incorrectly-sized components on the landing-gear assembly of an Icelandair Boeing 757-200 which suffered a main landing-gear collapse at Reykjavik earlier this year. Icelandic investigation authority RNSA has recommended specific safety checks on four aircraft serviced by Landing Gear Technologies, to ensure that parts which have undergone ...

  • easyjet a320

    EasyJet founder refuses to inject new funds as he directs ire at CFO


    EasyJet founder and shareholder Stelios Haji-Iaonnou has refused to inject any fresh capital into the UK budget airline while a contract to acquire further Airbus jets remains in place, and is turning his wrath on chief financial officer Andrew Findlay. Haji-Ioannou has named Findlay as the second director he ...