Six months after the Israeli-Gaza conflict began, leisure carrier Israir Group has restored its fleet to pre-war levels.

The airline says it will have nine single-aisle aircraft available, 192 days since the outbreak of the conflict in October 2023.

With this level of capacity, it adds, it will be able to implement its original commercial plan to fly over 100,000 passengers in April, which includes the Passover holiday period which falls at the end of the month.

Israir says it had operated only four aircraft during March, because two of its aircraft were undergoing maintenance ahead of the summer season.

These include an Airbus A320 which has just returned from a check lasting three months.

Israir A320-c-Israir

Source: Israir

Israir is supplementing its A320 fleet with wet-leased capacity

Israir adds that it has access to three leased aircraft for seasonal operation, one of which was introduced at the beginning of the month and the other two in the last few days.

“Operation of the leased aircraft was made possible…after approvals and concessions were received, in view of the security situation, from the aircraft insurers abroad,” it states.