Embraer expects to have its midsize Legacy 500 business jet cleared to enter service within 30 days.

The fly-by-wire, nine-passenger aircraft is targeted for certification by Brazil’s national civil aeronautics agency by mid-year, but the airframer indicates that it should be done before August.

Embraer intended to start delivering the first Legacy 500s about 18 months ago, but various issues slowed the development and flight test programme. The type achieved first flight in November 2012.

The airframer is believed to be fine tuning the aircraft with no further flight tests to be completed.

The company was confident enough of the aircraft’s airworthiness to allow a group of reporters to fly aboard the jet in Brazil in early April.

The Legacy 500 is the smallest business aircraft to feature fly-by-wire flight controls, replacing mechanical linkages with a lighter, more reliable system that includes envelope protection.

Embraer plans to deliver about six Legacy 500s to customers in the second half of 2014.

A slightly smaller version – the Legacy 450 – is scheduled for certification around one year after the Legacy 500.

Additional reporting by Ghim-Lay Yeo.

Source: FlightGlobal.com