US aircraft developer Excel Jet has signed a memorandum of understanding with engine manufacturer Williams International to supply the 1,500lb-thrust (67kN) FJ33-4A turbofan, certificated in September last year, for the Sport Jet single-engine, very light jet. The five-seat Sport Jet is to make its first flight in the next quarter, says Excel Jet president Bob Bornhoffen, leading to certification within 18 months. The $1 million aircraft is being designed for "the typical general aviation pilot" Bornhoffen says, looking to upgrade from a single or twin piston. The Sport Jet will be built at Denver's Front Range airport and is designed to cruise at 340-365kt (630- 675km/h) at 25,000ft (7,620m). Range is around 1,850km (1,000nm), Bornhoffen says.

Source: Flight International