EMBRY-RIDDLE Aeronautical University has been chosen by the US Federal Aviation Administration to develop a training curriculum that could cut the cost of obtaining an instrument rating by as much as 25%.

Traditionally, student pilots first earn a private pilot's licence before earning an instrument rating. The new integrated curriculum will see students work for a licence and instrument rating simultaneously to eliminate duplication. Embry-Riddle's team, which includes Cessna Aircraft, is also developing "learning modules" for glass-cockpit displays and single-lever power-control systems, which are expected to be fitted in future general-aviation aircraft.

Over the next few years, these products will be integrated into training methods for the Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiment (AGATE), sponsored by the FAA, NASA and industry.

The cost of the project will be evenly divided between government and industry. The space agency is paying for the Government's $1.5 million share of the first year.

Source: Flight International