The latest edition of Bucher & Co’s JP Airline-Fleets is available at Farnborough from the Flight stand. It is the world's most comprehensive yearly fleets reference book and provides administrative information for all known commercial aircraft operators, plus technical information on every aircraft over 3,000lb (1,361kg). Including current registration, type, serial number, previous identity, date of manufacture, date of delivery, engine type and number, maximum take off weight, configuration, Sel-cal, fleet number, name, remarks, and so on. It covers more than 6,000 operators and 50,000 aircraft.

JP Airline-Fleets is now part of the Flight family and Frank Bucher, founding managing director of Bucher & Co says: “After 41 years of producing the JP, we wanted to make sure that the title would continue to be produced for many years to come.

 JP Airline Fleets

Flight, with its skilled researchers, international marketing network and longstanding position in e-media was selected as our partner of choice. It is well known as the publisher of Flight International, the premier weekly aerospace magazine, which also helped give it the edge over competitors in closing the deal.”

Source: Flight International