Alan Peaford

Bombardier's fractional ownership programme was launched in Europe yesterday at the same time that the company announced orders for 20 Global Express business jets from its North American FlexJet operation.

The European operations are to be based in Denmark with sales and administration in London. The fleet will include Learjet 31A, Learjet 60 and Challenger aircraft. "We will be kicking off with 10 aircraft in the European operation," says Bombardier Aerospace president Michael Graff, "the same size as the North American operation when it launched in 1995."

Since then FlexJet has grown by more than 50% a year.

The European fractional ownership programme has been built initially to support US customers who have extended operations to Europe.

Speaking before the Paris show, Graff said he believed that the mood in Europe was changing toward greater use of business aircraft.


"As more US businesses merge with European companies or work with European partners then the more business aircraft will be seen as an essential tool," he says.

Buyers pay an initial deposit that will be fully refundable should the owner decide to exit the programme at any time after 24 months. These range from less than $95,000 for a 16th of a Learjet 31A to $2.6 million for half a Challenger.

Source: Flight Daily News