Cessna has delivered the 300th Citation X to its Austria-based sales representative, Jetalliance. The high-speed midsize business jet will be operated from Vienna by an unnamed customer. The Citation X is the world's fastest non-military aircraft with a top speed of .92 Mach, just under the speed of sound. Since it was unveiled in 1990, more than 45 Citation Xs have been delivered across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


The European Business Aviation Association has reformed its airports, handling and ground operations committee to help promote fair, equitable and secure access to airports for business aviation operators. The group has also been tasked with: assuring safety and standards of best practice at airports and in handling companies; promoting environmentally friendly operations to the benefit of local communities; and fighting for fair competition to the benefit of all stakeholders to meet the needs of aircraft operators, their passengers and crews.


Edward Stimpson, aviation advocate and former president of the US General Aviation Manufacturers Association has died, aged 75. Stimpson is probably best known for helping to drive through the General Aviation Revitalisation Act in 1994 which was designed to prevent general aviation companies from being named as defendants in lawsuits in crashes of light aircraft 18 years old or older. These lawsuits forced many airframers, including Cessna, to halt piston aircraft production as annual sales plummeted from around 13,000 between 1965 and 1982, to about 500 by 1993.


Universal Avionics has received US supplemental type certification for a cockpit voice recorder. The CVR-120R is designed for the Hawker Beechcraft King Air twin turboprop series aircraft. The company has also clinched technical standard order approvals across its cockpit and flight data recorder product lines.

Source: Flight International