The collaborative efforts of Gulfstream and Israeli Aircraft Industries brought the wide-cabin, high-speed G150 business jet into service in August 2006.

This is Gulfstream’s first true mid-size business jet and has seen improvements in both cabin comfort and performance from the G100 which it replaces.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corportation G150

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Following extensive flight testing, Gulfstream determined the G150’s maximum range had proven better than originally projected. Drag reduction efforts resulted in additional 250 nautical miles and a new maximum range of 2,950 nautical miles with two flight crew members and four passengers onboard. Additionally, the G150’s required balance field length was also better than first projected enabling access to more fields with short take-off lengths.

Joe Lombardo, president of Gulfstream says “ We’ve always believed the G150 is the ideal corporate jet for European businesses.”

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  • Principal Dimensions
    Overall length: 17.30 m
    Height: 5.82 m
    Cabin Height: 1.75 m
    Cabin width: 1.75 m
    Wingspan: 16.94 m
    Maximum takeoff weight: 11,839 kg
    Maximum landing weight 9843 kg
    Max cruise: 850 km/h
    Max range: 5,476 km
    Typical passenger capacity: 2+6-8
    Maximum passenger capacity: 2+8
    Max Ceiling: 45,000 ft
    Powerplant: 2xTFE 731-40AR

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