GULFSTREAM WILL roll out its Gulfstream V long-range business jet, at its Savannah, Georgia, plant on 22 September. The first flight is on schedule for 15 November, the manufacturer says.

The Fokker-produced empennage was attached to the first GV early in August, the Northrop Grumman-built wing having been mated to the Gulfstream-assembled fuselage in July.

BMW Rolls-Royce will deliver the first BR715 turbofans early in September, but plans to roll out the GV under its own power have been dropped because the work required would have diverted effort from preparations for the first flight.

Gulfstream is believed to hold orders for around 50 GVs, before the roll out, after which the price will increase. The company says that it sees a "solid base" for production of two GIVs and two GVs a month for the next five years, at least.

Source: Flight International