Honeywell (E712) has been selected as the lead team to provide the fly-by-wire flight control system for the Fairchild Aerospace 728JET aircraft family.

Honeywell flight controls, coupled with its Primus Epic next-generation integrated avionics systems on the 728JET, will feature less weight, higher reliability and an integrated maintenance system.

The 728JET family comprises three types, including the 63-seat 528JET, the 78-seat 728JET and the 105-seat 928JET. Honeywell's Primus Epic is the standard avionics system on all three.

As team leader, Honeywell will provide the flight control computers and maintenance system on the 728JET. Parker Aerospace will provide the primary and secondary hydraulic actuators and Hamilton Sundstrand will provide the flap/slat control systems and the horizontal stabiliser trim actuator.

The fly-by-wire system consists of independent electronic control channels for primary system controls and flight control modules (FCM) in the Primus Epic's modular avionics unit (MAU), which contains most of the functions controlling the aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News