Wyoming's Jackson Hole airport plans to ban Stage 2 business jets, possibly as early as June. The airport believes a provision in the 2003 Federal Aviation Administration reauthorisation act, Vision 100, allows it to impose the ban without conducting an FAA-mandated noise study.

The airport board will meet in April to consider the ban on operations by all Stage 2 aircraft under 34,000kg (75,000lb), and plans a public hearing on the proposal for March. Under the proposal, operators of Stage 2 aircraft will be able apply for a six-month extension provided they submit proof that they have ordered a Stage 3 hushkit or replacement Stage 3 aircraft.

Local noise restrictions are targeting Stage 2 business jet operations. California's Van Nuys airport has taken legal action against two operators under its Stage 2 non-addition rule, which came into effect last year.

Source: Flight International