Russian engine design bureau Klimov is in negotiations with Iran for a licence-production agreement for its RD-33 engine, which powers the MAPO MIG MiG-29 Fulcrum.

Senior officials from MAPO MIG, of which Klimov now forms a part, confirm that "an RD-33 engine licence-manufacturing agreement in Iran" is being discussed. Iran's air force has a large fleet of Fulcrums.

Senior Klimov officials met Iranian delegates during the MAKS '97 show in Moscow in August, and it is almost certain that production of the RD-33 was one of the main items discussed.

Rapprochement between Iran and Russia over defence material is growing. Iran is also discussing the acquisition of the Kamov Ka-52 two-seat all-weather attack helicopter, and the Kamov Ka-60 twin-engine military utility helicopter, both now in development.

Source: Flight International