The US Air Force’s latest batch of six Sierra Nevada/Embraer A-29 Super Tucanos for Afghanistan cost $174.5 million, a price tag includes aircraft transportation, maintenance spares and advanced sensors, the service tells FlightGlobal.

The average price of an A-29 hovers around $10 million or more depending on modifications.

The six new Super Tucanos are the same variant as the previous 20 aircraft the USAF procured for delivery to the Afghan air force, an air force spokesman says.

The $174 million contract covers more than the aircraft and includes long lead parts, maintenance spares and cost of ferrying the aircraft to the training location. The six A-29s are equipped with avionics that manage the release of unguided munitions, such as Mk-81 and Mk-82 bombs, as well as guided GBU-12, GBU-58 bombs and 50-cal machine guns.

In addition to the Afghan air force delivery, Sierra Nevada and Embraer delivered the first two A-29 aircraft for the Lebanese air force on 9 October. The USAF handed over the aircraft to Lebanon’s army at the end of the October.