I couldn't agree more with the International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association view of pending European Union insurance legislation (Flight International, 17-30 December). However, it is not just general aviation that is under threat, although it is particularly vulnerable since private individuals, flying clubs and non-profit organisations would be hit hard. The events of 11 September have been used by insurers in the aviation world, which seem to act as an anti-competitive cartel, as carte blanche to raise premiums to ridiculous levels at will and to disconnect them from realistic assessment of risk.

Madcap legislation of this type hands to profiteers a licence to print money with international approval and would reflect in increased commercial airline fares, once the low-cost bubble has burst, with consequent discouragement of traffic and would be yet another blow to air displays and heritage aviation which act as a shop window for aviation to the general public.

Steven Scott

Thornton Heath, Surrey, UK

Source: Flight International