Lucas Aerospace has signed a risk-sharing agreement with Rolls-Royce to supply control systems for the recently launched Trent engine derivatives. The contract is estimated to be worth over £1.25 billion ($2 billion), including spares support.

The UK company will manufacture electronic engine-controls, fuel-metering units and actuation equipment for the Trent 8104, and the fuel pumps for the Trent 500 and Trent 600. It will invest £75 million over the next four years.

In November 1997, R-R committed itself to develop the 463kN (104,000lb)-thrust derivative of the Trent 800, the 8104, for the Boeing 777-200/300X; the 236-276kN Trent 500 for the Airbus A340-500/ 600; and the 289kN Trent 600 for the proposed growth versions of the Boeing 747-400 and the stretched 767-400ER.

Source: Flight International