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    US Navy searching for new supersonic aerial target


    ​The US Navy is searching for a new supersonic aerial target to replace its dwindling inventory of AQM-37s, the latest supersonic target effort following the service’s cancellation of the Multi-Stage Supersonic Target (MSST) GQM-173.

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    USAF improving its bunker buster bomb


    ​Responses are due within a month to build at least 12,000 improved bunker busting bombs for the US Air Force, according to a recent notice posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

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    ​L-3 and Air Tractor join OA-X experiment


    The L-3/Air Tractor Longsword light attack/surveillance aircraft is participating in the US Air Force’s light attack OA-X experiment this week, the two companies announced 31 July.

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    USAF and special operations team up on light attack aircraft


    ​A new document reveals a potential new path for the US Air Force to acquire a light air support capability through US Special Operations Command.

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    USMC grounds 12 KC-130Ts after fatal crash


    The US Marine Corps is grounding 12 of its Marine Forces Reserve-operated Lockheed Martin KC-130T tanker/transports indefinitely, following a 10 July crash which left 16 service members dead.

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    DoD issues interim contract for international F-35s


    The US government obligated $2.18 billion in funding from Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers and international partners in the Joint Strike Fighter programme for an interim contract to Lockheed Martin to continue F-35 production.

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    ​Boeing completes KC-46 electromagnetic testing


    Boeing, the US Air Force and US Navy completed electromagnetic effects (EME) testing on the KC-46A tanker during July, checking off another step before the manufacturer can deliver its first of the 767-based aircraft to the USAF at the end of this year.

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    ​Pentagon official confident delayed Defiant won’t hurt FVL


    The delay to the first flight of Sikorsky-Boeing’s SB-1 Defiant may not impact the timeline for the US military's Future Vertical Lift programme, a Pentagon official says.

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    Five bidders to contest USAF hypersonic weapon deal


    The US Air Force has narrowed its search for a new hypersonic strike weapon for bombers and fighters to five vendors.

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    ​KC-390 wraps world tour


    Embraer’s KC-390 wrapped its 40-day demonstration tour this week after stops in 18 countries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

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    US Navy requirements could narrow trainer helicopter search


    The US Navy is seeking a single-turbine-engined rotorcraft that could achieve an instrument flight rules (IFR) certification: a requirement that could potentially limit the field of candidates in the service’s TH-XX trainer helicopter recapitalisation competition.

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    ​Gulfstream proposes nose refuelling for JSTARS candidate


    Gulfstream’s proposal for the US Air Force’s JSTARS recapitalisation project will include a refuelling nozzle mounted on the nose of its G550 business jet, the company’s vice-president of special mission sales has revealed.

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    ​Lockheed remains optimistic on F-35 buys


    Despite a recent report predicting reduced acquisitions and rising costs for the F-35, prime contractor Lockheed Martin believes there are still opportunities to grow the orderbook for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).

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    ​Lockheed invests in Canadian AI company


    Lockheed Martin has invested $1.1 million in Contextere, a Canadian startup specialising in artificial intelligence software, to develop a maintenance support system for the Canadian C-130J Super Hercules.

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    ​USAF pins F-35A engine fire on strong tailwinds


    A US Air Force accident investigation points to strong tailwinds as the culprit in a Lockheed Martin F-35A engine fire last September at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, according to an accident report released by the service this week.

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    ​USAF calls for drone defences after F-22 overflight


    Small unmanned aerial vehicles can buzz past the US Air Force’s stealthiest jets sitting at domestic bases and the service’s head of Air Combat Command has no way to deal with them.

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    Lower buys raises overall F-35 acquisition costs by 7%


    ​Lower procurement rates for the Lockheed Martin F-35 have dashed the programme’s positive gains, raising acquisition costs by almost 7% this year.

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    Pentagon awards interim F-35 contract


    ​The US government has awarded a $4.49 billion interim contract for Lockheed Martin to build 91 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, the Pentagon announced last week.

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    Sikorsky courts German aerospace on CH-53K supply chain


    ​Sikorsky made its courting ceremony with Germany official after hosting German aerospace companies during a recent two-day event at its facility in West Palm Beach, Florida, discussing the US Marine Corps CH-53K and the German Air Force “Schwerer Transporthubschrauber” (STH) heavy-lift helicopter programme.

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    ​PARIS: Scorpion tests 20mm cannon ahead of OA-X


    Textron is demonstrating a 20mm cannon on its Scorpion twin-jet ahead of the US Air Force’s light attack OA-X experiment later this summer.