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    Bell pushes Valor’s first flight past September


    Bell Helicopter did not reach first flight with its V-280 Valor on 30 September as originally announced and instead projects the tiltrotor aircraft will meet that milestone in the November timeframe, V-280’s programme manager tells FlightGlobal this week.

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    DARPA and AFRL take laser aim at small UAVs


    ​The US Air Force and secretive Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency are ramping up their efforts to thwart small unmanned air vehicles, with two recent requests out looking for sensors and lasers to take down UAVs.

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    US Navy confirms T-45 trainer crash


    ​The US Navy is reporting a training aircraft missing after the T-45 Goshawk departed from Knoxville, Tennessee for Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi on Sunday.

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    Navy trainers resume flying with oxygen monitoring upgrades


    ​Naval Air System Command (NAVAIR) has installed instruments on its T-45 Goshawk trainers that measure oxygen and pressure, but its pilots are still struggling with the same type of physiological episodes that grounded the fleet last spring.

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    RAND raises spectre of hypersonic proliferation


    A prominent Washington think tank is urging the US, China and Russia to curb the proliferation of hypersonic weapons over the next decade, before the missiles jeopardize national security for the three nations.

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    USAF provides new detail on KC-46 issues


    The US Air Force’s Boeing KC-46 tanker is facing three outstanding issues as it moves through testing, including a boom scraping problem that could pose serious risk to the tanker’s aircrew.

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    Budget uncertainty could delay F-15C IRST delivery


    The US Air Force has selected Lockheed Martin’s Infrared Search and Track (IRST) system for its Boeing F-15C, but a potential freeze on Pentagon dollars could delay delivery.

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    Sniper pushes its way onto Hornet fleets


    Canada's plans to buy the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet may be off the table, but details of the originally requested configuration show a Raytheon-made targeting pod's grip on the Boeing fighter is under pressure from a Lockheed Martin alternative that was long considered incompatible.

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    ​AC-130J poised to hit initial operational capability target


    The US Air Force’s Lockheed Martin AC-130J gunship is set to reach initial operational capability this month, Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) chief Lt Gen Brad Webb confirms.

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    ​Gripen Aggressor enters the fray in US red air competition


    Saab is exploring the burgeoning red air market with its Gripen Aggressor, but the new adversary aircraft could face a tough competition against cheaper, former military jets.

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    USAF explores cloaking device for tankers


    The US Air Force will next month unveil the results of a study into survivability gaps on its fleet of tankers and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, the service’s head of Air Mobility Command (AMC) says.

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    Textron unit acquires 63 Mirage F1s


    As Textron Airborne Solutions pursues the US Air Force’s lucrative adversary air (ADAIR) contract, the company earlier this month acquired 63 Dassault Mirage F1s, ATAC chief executive Jeffrey Parker tells FlightGlobal.

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    Saab to establish US production for T-X


    ​In an attempt to shed its foreign brand in the US Air Force trainer replacement competition, Saab will establish manufacturing and production in the United States for its Boeing/Saab T-X advanced trainer aircraft.

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    Triumph to supply Boeing T-X wing and tails


    Triumph Aerospace Structures will supply the wing, vertical tail and horizontal tail structures for the Boeing T-X trainer aircraft, Boeing announced this week.

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    ​Rolls Royce offers BR725 for B-52 re-engine effort


    Rolls Royce is pitching its BR725 engine for the US Air Force’s B-52 bomber re-engine effort, though the service has yet to establish a programme of record or release a request for proposals.

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    ​USAF awards Boeing $600M contract toward Air Force One


    The US Air Force awarded Boeing a $600 million contract to begin preliminary design work on the Air Force One replacement aircraft, the service announced this week.

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    ​US clears suspended Super Hornet export to Canada


    The US State Department has approved a $5.23 billion sale of Super Hornets to Canada, but bad blood between the Canadian government and Boeing may have already spoiled the deal.

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    ​USAF mulls canceling JSTARS recapitalisation


    The US Air Force could scrap its business jet strategy in favor of an alternative platform for its Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) recapitalisation, according to a recent letter sent from Congressional members to the US defense secretary.

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    US Navy tightens unmanned tanker requirements


    ​The US Navy solidified parameters for its unmanned MQ-25 Stingray, setting up a spartan platform that will satisfy not much more than carrier suitability and air refueling requirements.

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    ​US State Department approves F-16V sale to Bahrain


    The US State Department has approved the sale of 19 Lockheed Martin F-16V aircraft to Bahrain, offering a critical lifeline to the Falcon’s production line.