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    Block III Super Hornet upgrades to begin this spring


    ​The first US Navy Super Hornet to receive service life modification upgrades will arrive at Boeing’s St. Louis facility next April and will leave with an additional 3,000 flight hours, Boeing’s vice president of FA-18 programmes tells FlightGlobal.

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    Lockheed and Northrop win deals to demo new missiles


    The US Air Force Research Laboratory has contracted Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman to build low-cost, networked cruise missile prototypes for the service’s Gray Wolf technology demonstration effort.

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    ​Boeing KC-46 receives 767 certification


    Boeing’s KC-46A tanker received the Federal Aviation Administration’s amended type certification for the baseline 767-2C, ensuring the US Air Force’s tanker replacement is safe to fly, the company announced this week.

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    Lockheed meets 2017 F-35 delivery goal


    ​Lockheed Martin hit its F-35 delivery mark for the year, rolling out its 66th jet this month out of its Fort Worth, Texas facility.

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    ​Bell Valor V-280 makes maiden flight


    Bell Helicopter’s V-280 Valor flew its inaugural flight this week, marking a later maiden voyage than expected after the company announced the tiltrotor would fly earlier this fall.

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    ​Boeing offers revealing sneak-peek of MQ-25 bid


    Boeing has revealed a narrow, nose-on view of the company’s bid to win a three-way competition to build the MQ-25 Stingray, a carrier-based unmanned air system (UAS) that the US Navy plans to use as an in-flight refueler to extend the range of manned fighters.

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    USAF finds F-35 maintainers outside A-10 fleet


    ​The US Air Force no longer needs to rob its A-10 fleet’s maintainers to support the incoming Lockheed Martin F-35As, according to a Congressional report.

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    Pentagon OKs limited F-35 testing before modifying jets


    ​The Pentagon’s top weapons tester intends to approve limited testing on the Lockheed Martin F-35 while the programme office waits for modifications needed to begin the fighter’s full initial operational test and evaluation.

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    ​Canada announces open fighter competition with caveats


    Canada will hold an open competition to replace its aging CF-18 fighter fleet, but sent a firm warning to any company who might try to hurt Canadian business.

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    ​Congress puts confidence in new A-10 wings


    A third of the US Air Force’s Fairchild-Republic A-10 Warthog fleet is riding on pending funding from Congress, with money for new wings expected in both the fiscal year 2018 defence policy and appropriations bills.

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    ​Boeing flies first KC-46A tanker for US Air Force


    Boeing’s first KC-46A tanker slated for the US Air Force made its maiden flight this week, pushing the aircraft closer to its long-awaited 2018 delivery.

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    ​Final MQ-8C testing slated for spring


    The US Navy expects to enter initial operational test and evaluation for its unmanned MQ-8C by this spring, with sea-based testing on the littoral combat ship to follow in the summer, the service’s Fire Scout programme manager says this week.

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    ​Lockheed Martin certificates slate of weapons for F-35


    Lockheed Martin has certified the F-35 Lightning II to employ a roster of weapons including the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile, Small diameter bomb I, GBU-12 laser guided-bomb and Joint Direct Attack Munition.

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    ANALYSIS: World Air Forces maintaining strength


    Brinkmanship was the name of the game for much of the 2017 calendar year, with global tensions in no small part linked to the head-on approach to diplomacy taken by US President Donald Trump.

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    ​B-52 re-engine effort could start in 2020


    The long-awaited B-52 bomber re-engine effort would start no earlier than fiscal year 2020, but the USAF’s head of Global Strike Command feels a final decision to lengthen the 60-year-old Boeing aircraft’s life is closer than ever.

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    Electric aircraft start-up tests disposable UAV glider for USMC


    ​The US Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory has selected Yates Electrospace Corporation’s Silent Arrow unmanned air vehicle to test a disposable cargo UAV concept.

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    ​Navy expects MQ-25 decision by summer


    The US Navy could select its final candidate for the MQ-25 Stingray by this summer, the service’s programme executive officer for unmanned aviation and strike weapons says this week.

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    Raytheon files protest against JSTARS radar decision


    Raytheon has filed a protest against the US Air Force after the service determined the company’s “Skynet” radar would not meet qualifications for the Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) recapitalisation programme.

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    ​Last Fort Worth-built F-16 leaves Lockheed factory


    Lockheed Martin’s last F-16 produced at its Fort Worth, Texas facility rolled out the door on 14 November, marking the end of an era for the Fighting Falcon.