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    Why PCR testing is crucial to rebuilding aviation

    Paid content by Thermo Fisher Scientific

    After a pandemic that knocked the stuffing out of the global aviation industry, the world is taking to the skies again. Although the virus is still prevalent, nations are tentatively opening their borders and international flights are once more connecting families and businesses. It is largely thanks ...

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    The FlightGlobal Pilot Survey 2022


    Download your copy of The Pilot Survey 2022 now, in association with GOOSE Recruitment

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    A stake in the future

    Paid content by World Defense Show

    World Defense Show begins in the Saudi capital Riyadh in few weeks, taking place from 6-9 March. Exhibition space is sold out, but visitors can still register for this exclusive opportunity to connect with a nation’s industry on a growth spurt

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    4AIR: Setting a New Standard for Sustainable Private Aviation

    Paid content by 4AIR

    A turnkey solution that can take any user of private aviation beyond carbon-neutrality to actual emissions reductions

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    Investing in nature for a net-zero future

    Paid content by Shell Aviation, by Bryan Stonehouse, Head of Sustainability & Risk, Shell Aviation

    Offsetting and nature’s role in aviation’s net-zero ambition

  • Decarb Report
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    Decarbonising aviation: Cleared for Take-Off

    What will it take to make aviation net zero by 2050? Download our report. Paid content by Shell Aviation

  • Decarbonisation article
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    Decarbonising aviation: mapping a flightpath to net-zero

    Paid content by Shell Aviation, by Jan Toschka, President, Shell Aviation

    Aviation is vital for social and economic progress but if the world is to continue to benefit from flight, the sector must decarbonise.

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    Why SAF is set to take off

    Paid content by Shell Aviation

    Although challenges remain with scaling up aviation’s use of sustainable aviation fuel, it remains key to achieving the industry’s carbon targets

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    Security Culture and Human Performance – the missing link?

    Paid content by CAA International, by Nina Smith, Head of Aviation Security Training and Human Factors at the UK Civil Aviation Authority

    Source: CAA International Nina Smith With ICAO’s Year of Security Culture coming to an end, aviation security practitioners are turning their attention towards the learning, legacy, and evolution of the Security Culture concept. For security culture to become sustainable and fully integrated into our aviation system, it ...

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    Forty years of never standing still

    Paid content by ATR

    ATR is marking four decades as the industry’s leading regional turboprop manufacturer this year. We find out from some of its customers why they remain loyal to the brand, and look at how the Franco-Italian company has become a pioneer in sustainable aviation

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    Where market movers meet

    Paid content by World Defense Show

    Held under Royal patronage, World Defense Show, from 6-9 March in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will include an array of special events. Here are just some that participants can enjoy

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    What does the future of the aviation industry look like?

    Paid content by

    Enterprise Ireland and IATA present the Air Transport and Market Trends & Outlook Report for the Middle East and Africa, providing valuable, data-driven insight into the aviation industry. This report examines the impact of the pandemic on the global air transport industry and takes a closer look at the developments in the Middle East and Africa regions. Having come through one of the most turbulent years in the history of aviation, the industry globally is now beginning to get a glimpse of the horizon. International travel continues to be a challenge in 2021, but domestic passenger traffic is set to see an early recovery. The remainder of 2021 should remain positive for air cargo, as rebounding economies and inventory restocking drive growth. Download our report today to get a closer look at the medium and long term forecasting of air-travel.

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    Land of opportunities

    Paid content by World Defense Show

    World Defense Show in Riyadh next March will let exhibitors and visitors become part of the remarkable transformation vision for Saudi Arabia’s defence sector and wider economy

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    How to continue flying at lower cost!

    Paid content by MTU Maintenance

    At MTU Maintenance, we are seeing more focus on on-wing/near-wing repairs, smart repairs, smaller workscopes and an increased usage of used serviceable material as a response to the crisis and operators’ desire to prolongue time on-wing. We expect to see a continued trend away from traditional planning ...

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    Enter EDGE

    Paid content by EDGE

    Abu Dhabi’s defence sector did not appear overnight. Despite a reputation in that part of the world for grand edifices and spectacular infrastructure projects emerging in a matter of months from the desert sand, Abu Dhabi – and the federation it dominates, the UAE – had been nurturing its military ...

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    Start-up with scale

    Paid content by EDGE

    EDGE combines the benefits of a state-backed group that is now one of the top 25 defence contractors with the agility and ingenuity of a brand new company, maintains H.E Faisal Al Bannai

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    Close support

    Paid content by EDGE

    GAL employees work hand-in-hand with their customers to ensure aircraft and their crews are always ready when called into action

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    Maintaining excellence

    Paid content by EDGE

    AMMROC has constructed one of the most modern MRO facilities in the world, with the aim to becoming one of the industry’s leading providers of specialist services this decade

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    Staying on target

    Paid content by EDGE

    HALCON, an end-to-end manufacturer of precision-guided munitions, aims to offer a full complement of guided weapons, by focusing on key international partnerships and nurturing home-grown IP

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    Powered by precision

    Paid content by EDGE

    AL TARIQ is the UAE’s brand of modular, precision-guided, long-range air munitions systems. Proven in service with the domestic customer, the EDGE business now has export markets in its sights