Although Federal Aviation Administration certification will not come until early next year for its increased-power version of the Pratt & Whitney PT6A engine for the Cessna Caravan series, Blackhawk Modifications (booth 2935) says it has just accepted the latest of more than a dozen commitments for the power unit.

The upgraded PT6A-42A delivers 850shp (635kW), 175shp more than the existing 114A version, knocking 45% off the hot-and-high take-off distance, doubling the climb rate, adding 35kt (65km/h) to the cruising speed and reducing fuel consumption.

Jim Allmon, president and chief executive of Blackhawk Modifications, says: "We are pleased to use our engineering capabilities to integrate modern technology and higher horsepower in PT6A engines on airframes that were certified decades ago. This engine is a game-changer for the 'workhorse' Caravan - now it's a powerhouse performer with incredible flexibility".

The P&W-approved modification is applied to new engines, which are priced based on the P&W exchange program, with credit issued for time remaining to overhaul on core PT6A-114/A engines.

Source: Flight Daily News