ACSS has just had the latest version of its runway incursion module for the SafeRoute suite of software certified for Class 2 Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs).

This latest SAMM 2.5 (Surface Area Movement Management) release enables your own and other aircraft to be displayed on a moving map of the airport surface, using ADS-B technology.

The first SAMM certification was in late 2007 on a Class 3 EFB, but the installation of a Class 2 EFB with SafeRoute-SAMM software allows operators to take advantage of the FAA’s cost share programme.

This is designed to assist in getting runway incursion products installed on to commercial airplane with the FAA’s goal being to equip at least 400 business jets and commercial aircraft by next year.

Kris Ganase, L-3’s president of aviation products, says: “We certified our SAMM runway incursion application on a Class 3 EFB last year. But the FAA has since relaxed the rules a little bit to allow for Class 2. The big advantage is that Class 2 EFBs are a lot cheaper. It therefore makes it a lot easier and affordable to get this technology on to an aircraft.”


“We submitted our certification paperwork to the FAA on 8 August and we really wanted to get approval ready for NBAA and here we are.”

Over the last four years, nearly 1,500 runway incursions have occurred at controlled airports in the US. The SAMM application provides flight crews with an airport surface map and tracks the movements of their aircraft and other ground and airborne traffic in the terminal area, and alerts crews of potential conflicts.

The SAMM module within SafeRoute uses ADS-B and TIS-B (Traffic Information Service-Broadcast) to track other vehicles on the ground at the airport. ACSS says this functionality would have dramatically reduced or eliminated the number of incursions over the past four years.


Source: Flight International