Swiss-based VIP cabin completions company Comlux has announced the creation of Comlux America and along with it the acquisition of the Indianapolis Jet Center (IndyJet), which will be renamed Comlux Completion USA.

The Company’s vision is to become one of the leading providers of VIP cabin completion services, delivering seamless convenience and comfort to all its customers. Comlux is a customer and operator of Bombardier and Airbus business jets, and designs VIP cabins for both these types of aircraft through its Comlux Creatives division based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Comlux is already involved in cabin completions through its partnership with the Airbus Corporate Jet Center (ACJC). An example of its work is on show on the ACJ Elite at the static park.

Comlux President and CEO Richard Gaona says: “It is an exciting time for Comlux. The acquisition of the Indianapolis Jet Center represents a significant step in the development of our North American operations, increasing our presence in the largest market in the world for business aviation, and cementing our position as a first class provider of cabin completion services.”

Source: Flight Daily News