Yankee Pacific Aerospace is here promoting its range of VIP interior and engineering services. One focus is its value-added modification programs that include a performance upgrade for Dassault’s Falcon 50 trijet.

The performance enhancements are through a joint venture with West Star Aviation and EASA approval is being worked on, and expected by year-end.

The upgraded Falcon 50 is known as the 50Dash4 Performance Upgrade and the STC installs higher thrust Honeywell TFE-731-4 engines that the company claims will increase fuel economy by 14% on 2,500nm mission with four passengers at M0.8. It says the 50Dash4 is capable of direct climbs to FL390, an increase of 2,000ft in 28 minutes.

Because of increased thrust the cruise speed is increased by 24kt and accordingly the company says increased cruise speeds result in shorter mission times – as much as 20 minutes over a 2,500nm range mission. And an extra benefit is a 7% improvement in specific range at normal cruise speeds.

YPA Falcon 

Source: Flight Daily News