Lexavia Integrated Systems has produced a lightweight, very small enhanced vision sensor "specifically designed for applications where small size, high airspeed and low drag are critical," says director of technical marketing Mark Lukso. He describes the Lexavia Model LFS 6000 as "a true breakthrough EVS."

The sensor housing is similar in size to the mouse for a personal computer, and the sensor assembly weighs only 0.15kg (5.3oz), yet image quality is similar to that of Lexavia LFS 3000. This new infra-red EVS is available with field-of-view choices (40° or 27° horizontal), and includes a 2x digital zoom feature. Lukso says an optional system upgrade to the higher performing 640 x 480 sensor array will be available next year.

Until now, EVS sensors have been too large to be aesthetically pleasing, let alone aerodynamically suitable for installation in high profile locations on smaller, high-performance jets. The heated milled-aluminum enclosure is easy to fit, with an installed system price less than half of previous generation EVS, Lukso promises.

Source: Flight Daily News