French company Oviv Security Technologies is showcasing its new on-ground aircraft security system, Sentinel 280L.

The company said that the product features advanced radar algorithms, new interactive surveillance modes, improved ergonomics in a lighter weight, self standing package.

The system can establish a secure perimeter around a parked aircraft within two minutes; notify a designated person on detecting an intrusion; and deliver real time video of an ongoing intrusion, which can be stored and retrieved using a smart phone.

The system can be instantaneously deployed without retrofitting or modifying the aircraft, said the company.

In addition, the system contributes to reducing an aircraft's operational cost through pre-flight inspections, one-stop access to sensitive airfields bringing passengers closest to their destination while maximizing their travel objectives and in case of damage, provide video to insurance companies.

Oviv added that the Sentinel 280L is designed to operate optimally on Dassault, Gulfstream, Bombardier Global and Challenger aircraft, and is based on the original Sentinel 100L.

Source: Flight Daily News